Sienna beach chair mosaic

Unique in his sort

The SIENNA beach chair mosaic is environmentally conscious and sustainably manufactured in a mosaic teak version.

Besides its elegant design, the Sienna beach chair mosaic scores especially high on comfort, the individual teak slats ….

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Product information

In addition to its elegant design, the Sienna beach chair mosaic scores especially high on comfort; the individual teak slats that form the seat and back of the reclining chair are made to follow the shapes of our bodies.

Wide armrests also support seating comfort and serve as a place to put personal items, such as an exciting book, the smartphone or a glass of cold drink.
A matching footstool and specially designed cushion in a beautiful Sunbrella © fabric also increase the seating comfort of the Sienna beach chair and add colorful accents, if desired.

The Sienna beach chair mosaic is made from carefully selected blocks of A-quality teak that are processed in the traditional way, creating the unique silhouette of mosaic teak, with an eye for detail and love for nature.

An innovative combination from selected teak, machined and produced with high quality, waterproof and filling polyurethane glue, so super strong, all in accordance with Traditional Teak’s already known quality standards.

We are convinced that well thought-out products, produced with respect for people and nature, will last a long time in your garden or on your terrace.

Available cushion for the Sienna beach chair mosaic:

Item codes: SBC

Available Sunbrella® fabrics/colors:

  • Lenght: 75 cm
  • Depth: 88 cm
  • Height: 92 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Seat width: 51 cm
  • Seat depth: 50 cm
  • Seat hight: 37 cm
  • Armrest hight: 56 cm

For the maintenance of your teak furniture we advise you only to use the products available by Traditional Teak;

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