Neo table

Solid table with character.

The rough edges preserve the natural look of the table top, this gives the table its own personality.

The Neo table is available in 2 sizes 220 x 100 cm and 300 x 100 cm.

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Product information

Like us humans, each teak tree is unique and grows in its own unique way, with the natural irregularities and variations giving the wood its great appeal.

Made from the very best FSC- teak, this massive wooden garden table is popular for its robust, weather-resistant surface with a natural look. In the case of the Neo table, we choose to use of these irregularities formed by nature.

Thus, each Neo table is unique and tells its own story, from young seedling to tree with its own growth rings and grain variations. The table has a 4 cm thick tabletop and also 4 in height adjustable floor glides to ensure the table stands firmly, also the table has a reinforced frame of powder coated aluminum.

This table combines perfectly with the Neo bench or any other chair or bench from our collection and can seat up to 8-10 people (300 x 100 cm)

* Because of its natural appearance the Neo table has a edge on the long side which needs some extra protection during the winter months.  This can be done simply by placing the table under a roof or by using the cover supplied by Traditional Teak to protect the table top against weather influences.
  • Lenght: 220 - 300 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Table hight: 76 cm
  • Bottom of table top: 72 cm
  • Space between table legs: 142 - 222 cm

For the maintenance of your teak furniture we advise you only to use the products available by Traditional Teak;

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